Dumah is one of the villains from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.


Dumah was formerly a Sarafan Inquisitor, who hunted down vampires ordered by Moebius. He is killed by the wraith Raziel, who came from the future. Centuries later, when Kain rises his vampiric empire, he resurrects Dumah as one of his lieutenants. Dumah, along with Turel, were the ones who were ordered to throw Raziel into the abyss when he was labeled as a traitor, obeying the order without questioning Kain.

After that, all the vampire clans scattered through Nosgoth. Dumah and his clan moved to the Ruined City, where they built their own empire. Dumah became over arrogant, believing he was invincible, and this opened him to an unexpected attack. His clan was almost decimated by human vampire hunters, and Dumah himself was chained to his throne and impaled by spears, living the rest of his days as a wandering soul in the spectral realm. After Raziel arose from the abyss as a wraith, he went after Dumah, entering Dumah's territory and finding his soul wandering around his corpse.

Raziel removed the spears from Dumah's body, allowing him to re-enter his body. Dumah thanks Raziel, who tells he haven't forgotten who threw him into the abyss. Dumah says his time in the limbo has honed his strength, and that now he was more powerful than even Kain. Raziel tries to fight him, but his attacks are useless against Dumah, so he lures Dumah into his furnace, where Raziel incinerates him.


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