Duloks were a race of aggressive beings from the relatively obscure Ewok cartoon series, which in turn was loosely affiliated with the expanded Star Wars universe - a "cousin" race of the Ewoks the Duloks were tall, green-furred and resembled in many ways the Grinch - save for their long tails, pointy ears and sharp fangs: they dressed in a manner similiar to barbaric tribes (though a great deal of them wore nothing - suggesting only higher-ranking individuals wore such attire) and much like barbarians were a warlike and unsociable species that had an especially strong enmity with the Ewoks.

Duloks tended to steal what they needed rather than work for it and frequently raided Ewok villages, though despite their violent nature were cowardly at heart and thus rarely fought Ewoks directly - preferring to scheme and plot, unfortunately for the Duloks they were not the smartest of species and their plans often failed - also unlike most Ewoks the Duloks tended to have an affinity towards the dark side of the force.

Despite not getting along well with other species some Duloks entered into an uneasy alliance with the witch known as Morag out of a shared hatred of the Ewoks - though this alliance was far from stable due to the Duloks' nature and Morag's own malevolence.

A notable tribe of Duloks acted as the main antagonists of the Ewok series, led by King Gorneesh - these Duloks frequently came into conflict with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village, in particular a young Wicket and his friends: who often outwitted their clumsy attempts at invasion or trickery.