The Dullahans

The Dullahans are lesser devils and enemies in Devil May Cry 3. The corporal form of these supernatural entities are possessed husks of once-perished demon knights' suits of armor that are nearly impervious to all attacks.

Dante encountered and defeated these beings within the underground chambers of the Temen-ni-gru.


Those metallic ancient demon knights floats around any area they haunt and attack their prey whenever they are.

The Dullahans' only form of attacking includes stabbing using the rotating spikes attached onto the shields, and slashing airborne enemies with their swords.

The effectiveness of their armor prevents all forms of frontal attack; their only weak point being the red gem embedded into its spine.


  • These demons are named after the the malevolent spirit of Irish mythology.
  • They are similar to Geryon the Timesteed itself with the same names of 2 seperate mythical beings that are considered an omen of death, and where they stop riding is where a person is fated to meet his or her death.
  • The Dullahans has a similar trait with the Alto Angelos and Bianco Angelos who were suits of armor animated by a trapped human soul or a contained demon spirit.