Dular Garos was a Malurian who was active in the decades surrounding the formation of the United Federation of Planets on Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2151 he and his compatriots traveled to the Akaali homeworld. The Akaali were a pre-industrial civilization. The reptilian Malurians were very good at disguising their operatives with sophisticated masks. Wearing such masks Garos and the other Malurians began covert mining operations on the planet. Pollution from the mining operation led to an outbreak of a plague on the planet. Fortunately Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise arrived to investigate. With the help of an Akaali healer they shut down the mining operation and drove the Malurians away. Doctor Phlox synthesized a cure, which Archer gave to his Akaali friend.

Because of his failures Garos was exiled from Maluria. A decade later Garos would become an ally of the Orion Syndicate. In 2163 he was part of a plot on the part of the syndicate to ignite a war between the Federation and the Vertians.

The following year Garos would again work with the Orion Syndicate to keep the Rigel system from joining the Federation. Much of his work involved working with the First Families, the feudal lords who ruled over Rigel IV. However when learning that the First Families plans to keep Rigel out of the Federation would harm Maluria just as much as the Federation he turned against the First Families and provided evidence to Starfleet on their activities. Many of the First Families were soon overthrown, with the rest attempting to ingratiate themselves with the new government.

Garos then left the Rigel system before Federation justice caught up with him.