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Le duc de molto

The Duke's evil grin

The Duke of Molto or simply reffered as "The Duke" is a recurring antagonist in the Spanish-Japanese cartoon "Marcelino Pan y Vino" and a local aristocrat whose selfishness and lack of conscience is high...

Season one

In season one, The Duke tries (in many episodes) to hunt or Capture animals (Marcelino's Friends) but always fails... . In Episode 3, he attemped to eat Tata (Marcelino's sparrow friend) only to fail... . from Episodes 6 to 9, His niece Marina comes to spend her holidays in The Duke's Mansion, The Duke will do everything to make come Marcelino to his mansion to serve as a friend for Marina, (even to blackmail the Monks that raised Marcelino)... . In the 13th Episode, He attemped to buy the Monastery to turn it into an amusement park. Unfortunately in the episode, the Monks have been hypnotized by a wizard named Thursday as they act like kids...and humiliaite the Duke...


During the season 2, The Duke appears to be less cruel and more nicer...


Pierrot, The duke's butler is one of Marcelino's Friends...


Marcelino-essaie-l-escrime original backup


Main marcelino

the whole cast...

The Duke has a teenage niece named Marina who is used to get what she wants but have some respect for people like Marcelino... In the season one, she's on 14 but in the 2nd season, she appears to be the same age as Marcelino and lisps...

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