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The Duke of Flies

The Duke of Flies (also known as The Duke) is boss of the rogue-like game, The Binding of Isaac, and its remake, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, who can be encountered in levels basement and cellar. Compared to other bosses of the games, The Duke is weakest of them, because of the fact that he dosen't use any tear based attacks (Expect for one of his Champion variates), instead he uses to summon flies to both defensive and offensive purposes.


The Duke floats around the room and bounces of the walls, while he summons both regular flies and attack flies.

When The Duke has sumoned flies, they start orbiting around him, creating defence for him. When theres too much flies to create more, he pushes them back, making they targeting the player.

Champions variates


Larger the the original version of The Duke. Will spawn Suckers instead of the flies.


Shots blood to all directions when coughs, and spawns Moters instead of the Attack flies


Has three Eternal flies orbiting him. Upon death will spawn far more attack flies and fat flies


  • The name "The Duke of Flies" isn't a refence to Beelzebub, Enmund was unaware of this connection to that and choosed the name because it "sounded neat".
  • The protective ring of flies that The Duke spits out to suround him self with is refered as 'halo of flies' named item that gives Isaac (or any other character) flies that protect him/her from damage.