Duke Vox is an antagonist in Star Ocean Till of Time and leader of the Dragon Brigade. Vox is the reason the
Duke Vox
war between Aquaria and Airyglyph has lasted so long. Vox is the only one in the empire of Airyglyph who is fully evil and has no trace of good in him. Vox is fought later in the game atop his dragon but before the party can kill him he is killed by a blast from the Vendeeni. Vox has a rivalry with Albel the black brigades captain.


The uncle of Airyglyph XIII, the current King of Airyglyph, as well as the captain of the Dragon Brigade, Airyglyph's aerial assault unit. Having survived Airyglyph XIII's major reformation, Vox certainly possesses considerable skills, but since he disdains the pride and honor of knights, and will do absolutely anything to win, he does not get along very well with people who put the pride of a warrior first, such as the captain of the Storm Brigade. Incidentally, Vox does not get along with Albel (the captain of the Black Brigade) either, but this seems to be simply a case of two strong personalities butting heads.