Duke Preston He's the antagonist of the tv show The Haunted Hathaways episode The Haunted Visitor. He's the father of Ray Preston and grandfather of Miles and Louie Preston, He's a level twelve ghost he was the first ghost to haunt the house just before the Hathaways move in Ray clearly told the Hathaways his father was the most scary ghost of the house. So they decide to make a reenactement to make Ray father believe they just move in for let the time to Ray to talk to him about them. The plan work Duke chased the hathaways from the house. But Ray do not tell him about the truth first because Duke said if they come back he will chase them from his house again. Later he heard the peep rally chant from downstair and told his son and grandsons he will end the party by scared all of the young people. When he wanted to crash the peep rally with the light off Ray finally revealed the truth about the Hathaways by revealing they lived has family. He told his son if he was out of his mind but finally accepted his decision and change heart for finally let the Hathaways living in their home.