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Cream complimenting himself
Duke Cream was the secondary antagonist in the anime film "Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess". He was voiced by Koki Miyata in Japanese and English Dubbed by Scott Zenreich. He is a corrupt person that wanted to awaken the phoenix just to gain eternal life in return, not caring whatever happens to everything else. 

In the movie, Cream attempted to have Eclair kidnapped, because she had something that would reawaken the legendary phoenix. After Dyst and the group retrieved her, Cream took the half of the stone and abused Eclair with a knife. Later, he planned to burn her at a stake and unite the halves together to awaken the phoenix and obtain eternal life. However, Dyst stepped in and betrayed Cream by using the stone for himself and awakened the phoenix. After the chaos subsided, Duke Cream was seen standing around the site.

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