Detective Duke Crabtree is the secondary antagonist of Zap Dramatic's online flash game series, Ambition.

2531841-duke crabtree

Duke, with his casual kitty face.

He is initially presented as a young, up-and-coming detective who is the nephew of police superintendent Frank Crabtree and a rival of sorts to the player character.

He works with the player character to find evidence of who murdered Dr. Angie Raleigh, and strongly believes that Ted Hartrup was responsible. He can later pose as a marriage counselor and successfully complete the session with Yale and Helen if the player has too much difficulty performing said task. In the (as of this writing) final episode of Ambition, Duke is called as a witness by the player character, the defense attorney for Bridget Hartrup, Angie's accused murderer.

When the player asks Duke some potentially incriminating questions about his notebook, Duke requests 24 hours to produce the notebook. Court is adjourned for 24 hours for Duke to get his notebook. The player hails a cab and gets in, when it is revealed that Duke has hijacked it. In a particularly memorable dialogue tree, Duke responds with "because I'm a terrorist!" when asked why he has hijacked the cab. Duke takes the player to a remote location (where a black limousine is parked) and is about to kill him/her with a tire iron.

The player character proposes that Duke let him live if (s)he withdraws the notebook question and makes a case against Yale. Duke leads the player to the limousine, where it is revealed that Rolf Klink masterminded the plot to kill Angie because she wrote a negative report about a drug his company was trying to sell, and it would have hurt his business. Rolf agrees and Yale goes to jail for a crime he did not commit.


  • Despite being a villain, Duke is arguably the most popular Ambition character, largely due to his "because I'm a terrorist" line.
  • A character named Duke Crabtree also appears in another Zap Dramatic game, Sir Basil Pike Public School
    Duke in Basil Pike

    "Hey, I'm Duke Crabtree. You better watch out for my stupid twin brother Luke. He always lies and I always tell the truth."

    However, as this Duke looks completely different from 
    Ambition Duke, it's unknown if they're the same character or just relatives who share the same first name.
  • In the Zap Dramatic game Move or Die, Duke can be seen riding the "Karma Bus", which is the same bus from the final episode of Ambition that you'll crash into when you punch Duke twice in the nose.