The Fusion Dimension Duel Academy.

Duel Academy, also known as Academia in the Japanese version, is a mysterious school in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime that trains "Duel Soldiers" and is located in the Fusion Dimension. It is an alternate universe version of The Duel Academy from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It is run by Professor Leo Akaba, a man originally from the Standard Dimension, and serves as his forward operating base.

The goal of everyone at this academy is to use the power of Fusion to make all the worlds become one. In order to accomplish this, Duel Academy employs its army of Duel Soldiers in order to conquer the other Dimensions by turning its inhabitants into cards. This goal is referred as "Arc Area Project".


While it is unknown how long was Duel Academy founded or if it was founded by Leo Akaba, nearly every member of the organization is fiercely loyal to his ideas and goals and follow them to the deepest extent of their abilities without question.

Those that engage in the Inter dimensional War for the sake of Leo's goals all are under the belief that they are fighting for a noble cause that fills them with both pride and honor, with many of them showing almost fanatical loyalty towards this purpose and entirely justifying the genocidal campaign as a fair price to pay for the end goal.

However and contrary to this rather (albeit twisted) chivalrous stance, several members of Duel Academy decide to engage in much less noble practices, indulging themselves in inhuman "Hunting Games" in which they assault defenseless civilians turning them into cards for nothing but sadistic joy, and being utterly uncaring of all the destruction that comes with it, effectively wasting the Xyz Dimension.

Duel Academy seems to follow a very strict code of conduct, as all their alumni are put under a harsh training program involving both dueling skill and honing physical activity, effectively serving as a military institution. There have been cases of alumni being placed on a prison, showing that they seem to have little tolerance for indiscipline.


Former Members

  • Jean-Michel Roger (Defected)
  • Aster Phoenix (ARC-V)
  • Mamoru Noro (Defected)
  • Gloria Tyler (Defected)
  • Grace Tyler (Defected)
  • Sora Perse (Defected)
  • Alexis Rhodes (ARC-V)