Duck Puppet Gator
The Duck Puppet Alligator (also known as Arnold in the TV series) is the minor antagonist from Sitting Ducks.


This Alligator runs the Decoy Cafe and lures unfortunate Ducks in his trap with the help of his Duck Puppet eventually the Duck Protagonist fell for the bait until the Duck's alligator friend rescued him from the Alligator with the Duck Puppet.

TV Series

Arnold Sitting Ducks

Arnold in the Sitting Ducks TV Series

In this version, he is named Arnold, but unlike the Lithograph, this version of the Alligator did not own the Decoy Cafe instead he capture Bev and tied her up to be cooked and placed Duck dummies inside of the Decoy Cafe and when Bill goes inside Arnold used a Duck Puppet like his Lithograph counterpart eventually a Fly discovered his plan and Bill discovered that the Ducks are dummies Arnold then revealed himself to Bill and tries to eat him and Bev until the fly leads Aldo to Arnold and Aldo saved Bill and Bev by telling Arnold that he is suppose to be on duty in the bowling ball factory and so Arnold runs to the bowling ball factory not knowing of Aldo beings friends with the Ducks.


  • In the original Lithograph the Alligator used his left-hand to control the puppet while in the cartoon he uses his right-hand.
  • He is the second Alligator given a name in the TV Series with the first being Aldo.