Duchess Rowena

Duchess Rowena

Duchess Rowena is the main antagonist in Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses!.

The Duchess was summoned by her cousin King Randoph to turn his 12 daughers into proper young Princesses.

But the Duchess of Doom had other plans, to poison the King and get rid of the princesses.

The Duchess stripped the castle of everything the girls loved and even banned dancing and singing from the castle as well. The Duchess enjoyed making the Princesses' lives miserable by making them do yard work and scrubs the steps. After she found out that their dancing shoes were worn out, she demanded to know the truth. The Duchess ganged up on the youngest sister, Lacey, and the princesses told her the truth about them dancing at a pavilion in a magical kingdom. The Duchess was fed up (thinking that the Princesses were lying) and locked them in their room. But later on Duchess learned about the Magical Kingdom, thanks to her pet monkey Brutus. She learned how to enter the Magical Kingdom (after watching how the royal cobbler entered) and stole some flowers (that can grant wishes and returned to the castle. The Duchess had her large footman (Desmond) destroy the mosaic in the girls room that formed the gateway, trapping them and cobbler in the Magical Kingdom. While the Princesses and the Royal Cobbler were trapped, the King makes the Duchess acting Queen until he gets better. Eventually the Princesses and the Cobbler found a way out of the Magical kingdom and decided to take action and stop her, The Duchess wasted her first wish to try and stop Princess Genevieve and Derek. She wished for 2 suits of armor to protect her but they were defeated.

The Duchess wasted her second wish by using it on Princess Genevieve by making her dance forever, and ever. But the wish backfired after Genevieve fans the flower dust back at her. Thus the Duchess was doomed to dance forever, along with her footman who tried to free her, and so they danced out of King Randoph's castle forever.