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Jaakuryu Dryken
Dryken is one of the Jaakuryuu. When he was Jaryuu Soldier to intended the ritual for fight to the death with other Jaryuu Soldier, until the ritual complete Ryuuwon awards him by transforming stronger Jaakuryuu warrior. Ryuuwon's plan to find the Scale of the Salamander to try Dryken into an all-powerful giant dragon by using the Scale of the Salamander and by increasing the temperature of the factory they were in to two thousand degrees for high explosion. This increase in temperature set the building aflame, but DaiBouken Mixer used the Wall Shoot technique to contain the explosion in Hyper Concrete. But it turned out the Salamander’s Scale was taken out of the building before the explosion. Dryken himself ultimately fell victim to the Scale's power when Satoru used it to activate the Accel Tector for the first time and used the Dual Crasher Mixer Head to encase Dryken in Hyper Concrete and used the Drill Head to drill him into oblivion.

Dryken appeared in episode 24. Bouken Blue, Black and Pink chasing after Hatsune Drum, when the drum activated to begin increase in danger as it creates an army of Boukenger enemies (Karths, Jaryuu and Tsukumogami) out of mere leaves, which grows with each passing battle. The Boukenger continue to try and hold off the army of creatures until Natsuki had found boy spirit stone, she started to annihilates the leaf monster army (and her own teammates) with Ultimate DaiBouken.

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