The Druthulidi are a species of eldritch dark elder beings that appear as villains in Hyrule Total War. The Druthulidi are incredibly powerful but need to take host bodies in order to have a major impact on the world.

The each have a huge influence, with Majora having an army of demons and cult followers, Demise having an army of Blins and Gerudo, Vaati being the puppet master behind the "god" of the Darknuts, and DethI being the leader of the Interlopers through Bongo.

List of Druthulidis

  • Demise - who takes on the body of a Moblin King - controller of the Moblins
  • DethI - who eventually takes over Bongo's body - controller of the Stalfos
  • Majora - whose avatar is a Master Entity - controller of the Church of Majora
  • Vaati - who takes on the body of a Minish Sorceror - controller of the Darknuts