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The Drunk Chicken Shop Guy is the main antagonist  from The Fried Chicken Shop Episode 3 his name Unknown for now.


Start's with coming to roosters spot the drunk chicken shop guy i wanted ask some flat chicken wings the asian guy working says they don't have it they only have leg trys understand his problem and realise is drunk then ask him then after drunk chicken shops say's give me a small burger, in a drunk way.Then after ask him about to asian guy if wanted a different job and ask him NO then he say's your thing to sell chicken rest of your life?!?! then tell's him you don't my future and don't know me the drunk guy tell's fair enough i don't know you!??! still asking him then asian say's iam not telling you it's personal & secret then drunk guy leaves.

Mean after he comes back really wasted even more the manager tell's him you been brand from the shop doesn't listen to him push's him off and manager likes Really!??!?! the drunk chicken shop guy jumps over the counter of the shop and asian workers try to stop one of gives him a head lock would not listen to anyone he friend comes try's help them then manager try's talking to him again and tell's to F*** Off and think he said the word P*** as well anyway over the counter talking in wasted manor and saying Hey and what we got here??? then after ticket inspector comes and then finally grab crap of him he still want stay in the shop then the manager tell's him F***ing D*** Head! & Stupid piece of shit they take him outside and manager tell's ticket insepctor guys to hold him they the police finally comes and they arrested the f***ing moron wow what a D*** i think they might go business after that ordeal LOL!

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