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Druella is an important character in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and the main antagonist of its side story: Fallen Maiden. Like her mother, she is bent on breaking the Chief God's influence on the world to be able to finally fuses humans and monsters as a single species, with the males being incubi and females being monsters.

However, unlike most monsters, she is part of the "Extremist faction" of the Demon Realm, actively spreading the Demon Realm to other parts of the world.


Druella looks like an usual Lilim, with long beautiful white hair and red eyes. Her skin is of a similar pale tone to her hair. She also comes with two large wings positioned near her hips and a long tail, all in white like her skin.

But her design is also much red and darker than the usual Lilim. She is covered in dark tattoos and in similarly dark armor, equipped with red eyes fulls of Demonic Energy.


As her mother is, Druella is a seductive, parsimonious, hedonistic and lustful individual, with most of her life being based around lustful human/monster intercourse, either as her being part of it or just enjoying its sight. Due to her devoted love to her mother, the Demon Lord, she actively spreads the influence of the Demon Realm to the anti-monsters states. Despite this she is surprisingly pacifist, absolutely refusing to take a human life no matter what, and preferring to instead monsterizes them into becoming her followers.

Unlike most others' hierarchical relationships in the Demon Army, her subordinates adores her to the point of abnormality. This is mostly due to them possessing her own Demonic Energy inside them, which twists their ideals into her own.


Not much is know about her story, as she only appeared once in her original story: Fallen Maiden. She is apparently the fourth daughter of the Demon Lord to be born. She has quickly taken the side of the extremist faction, bent on taking over the world by force. Although even then, the extremists usually are pretty docile about their doings, one particular nation had the Demon Lord's attention: Lescatie. It was the second most powerful state of The Order and the number one Hero-producing state of the entire world.

Druella was thus sent to the city to corrupts it into a Demon Realm. She personally monsterized multiple heroines, such as Wilmarina, Shasha and Koyoi. The city quickly fell, most notable due to Druella both directly attacking but exploiting the city's inner trouble such as the heroes being unsatisfied by how they were handled by The Order.