Drowned Wednesday
Stolen! They reached into my mind and stole out the secret of its locations, then Saturday or one of the others sent that pirate Feverfew to take it. But you will get it back, Lord Arthur! You will get the Will, and I shall give you the Key, and all will yet be well. Oh, how I long not to... eat! Eat! Eat!
~ Drowned Wednesday told Arthur that the Third Will was stolen by Elishar Feverfew.
Too late, Lord Arthur. Nothing eats at my flesh and bone, and soon I shall be no more. But I thank you, for I did not wish to end as I was, a vast thing, near mindless in hunger. Rule my Border Sea well, Lord Arthur!
~ Wednesday's final words

Drowned Wednesday (also known as "Duchess Wednesday", "Lady Wednesday", or "Whale Wednesday") is one of the main characters of The Keys to the Kingdom series. She is the third one of Seven Morrow Days, who suffers from the deadly sin of Gluttony.


Origin and in Drowned Wednesday

Lady Wednesday is the Duchess of the Border Sea and the third trustee Arthur meets. This sin caused her to eat both her Dusk and Noon, leaving her Dawn to do all the work. She was given control of the Border Sea. Wednesday is the only Morrow Day who does not take a human form, but a large whale, which is 126 miles long due to her constant hunger.

Her Key takes on the shape of a small fork (which she uses when she inhabits human form) which can expand into a large trident. Wednesday's command center is Wednesday's Lookout (Port Wednesday).  She controlled the Border Sea as decreed by the Will, but refused to forsake dominion of it when the Will demanded. She ruled for a few hundred years, eating tons of food a day, and it made her becomes bigger and bigger.

When she realised that her gluttonous affliction was based on having broken the Will, Wednesday tried to fix this by freeing her part of the Will. She spoke to Superior Saturday about going against the other Morrow Days, but was betrayed by Saturday when they, save Monday (incapacitated due to his sloth), called her to a meeting and attacked her and revoked most of her powers over the Third Key.They took the memory of where she kept her part of the Will and gave it to a pirate named Elishar Feverfew to steal and hide it.


Lady Wednesday's whale form.

She was cast into the Border Sea; hence her title of "Drowned" Wednesday. She became a Leviathan, because she could not use the Key to keep her shape, and she was only able to use the Key to keep herself from growing any larger. She also used it to direct fish into her path for her to eat, as seen when the heroes venture into her stomach in a submersible. With great effort on her part, she is able to take the human form for a short time.


Arthur released the Will and claimed the Third Key when it was relinquished by Wednesday. Though he attempts to cure Wednesday of her afflictions using the Key and succeeded, but she had been poisoned by Nothing from within and could not be saved.

Wednesday can be regarded as the most noble of the Trustees, having been the only one to willingly give dominion of the Border Sea to the Rightful Heir and free the Will as she had promised (albeit delayed).


Drowned Wednesday was a tall, beautiful woman with brown hair, before her transformation. After her transformation she turned into a 126 mile long Leviathan (a behemoth, or namely, a white whale.) She returned to normal after Arthur released the Third Part of Will.