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The Dromaeosaurus are minor antagonists in the 2009 movie Land of the Lost.


The Dromaeosaurus are dangerous predators from The Land of the Lost. They appear when the protagonists come in the desert where many things from across time appears after being transported in this dimension. They see an ice cream truck appear, which is immediately invaded by Compsognathus. Shortly after, a pack of Dromaeosaurus arrives and makes them flee then violently attacks the truck. Terrified, the Iceman throws them many ice creams, which they seems to greatly appreciated. One of the Dromaeosaurus even rips the Iceman's arm and possibly kills him. Later, Grumpy arrives and scares the pack away.



  • Much like the velociraptors from Jurassic Park, the Dromaeosaurus are taller than their real-life counterparts and are closer to Deinonychus.
  • Unlike the most of hungry carnivorous dinosaurs in fiction, the Dromaeosaurus doesn't eat humans, but ice creams (albeit one of them rips the Iceman's left arm, though it was probably in order to eat the ice cream he was holding).

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