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The Droids are major antagonists of Slendytubbies III.


  • Robotic Spiders: silver robots with one red eye that look like spiders.
  • Security Droids: tall droids with one golden eye, golden gears and knives as hands. One of them is named Unit 437
  • The Announcer: a big robot with a voice trumpet as the head and a laser cannon as the right hand.
  • Mini-Announcers: look like the Announcer but they are more silver, have a normal right hand and a furnace inside their chests. They are able to teleport create Lightning, and throw fireballs. One of Them is playable in verses mode of the military base.
  • Noo Noo: A blue vacuum cleaner that infected the custards and took the control of the other droids.


Slendytubbies III

Noo Noo appears in both Chapter 0 and Chapter 3, where it is revealed that he infected the custard.

The Announcer is the first boss of Chapter 3, it will have 2 phases: in the first phase it will have a laser cannon as right hand. It will charge at the player and shoot lasers. In the second phase it will replace the cannon with a circular hand and will attack hsing it or jumping knocking the player away. It also appears in the multiplayer mode as the main enemy of the "Military base" level.

The other droids appear in the multiplayer mode as the main enemies along with the New Borns. They attack every land along with the New Borns and are usually more resistant than them.


  • Before being controlled by Noo Noo they were probably used by the military or by the "coat men".
  • The Only droid that is playable is the Mini Announcer