Droids (in Japanese: ドロイド) are robotic humanoid monsters that were created to serve the Negamoon Family (Black Moon Clan).


In the manga, the droids were created by Saphir, who used the Evil Black Crystal. robots without eyes or mouths, and could only make screeching noises rather than words. Saphir said Veneti and Aquatici were perfect droids.


Many of them masquerade as humans for their missions. At first, the Negamoon Sisters (Akayashi Sisters) sent them to take over Crystal Points. After the death of Rubeus, Emerald under orders from Prince Diamond, began sending them to fill weak points in the city with dark energy. The droids have a colored gem with a crecent that is visible on some part of their body. When they are killed, they leave behind their gem in a pile of sand but it turns black.

The Negamoon Sisters' DroidsEdit

Diamond's DroidsEdit

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Videogame appearanceEdit

In the Sailor Moon (Super Famicom), droids were the stock enemies. Several named droids appeared, including Atsugessho, Furaiki, Dumble, Avogadora, and Jamanen, but there were also three types of generic Droids present. These droids were referred to as Shades, Large Shades, and Heavy Shades; Shades and Large Shades resembled the robotic-droids from the manga, while Heavy Shades were a shorter and fatter variation of those. Many Droids also appeared in Sailor Moon: Another Story as minor enemies. Jakoku also appeared in Another Story.


  • Some of the Droids appeared in other Sailor Moon musicals. In the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, there was a droid named Rugbyman. In the revision, there was a similar droid named Hyuru Hyuru.