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The Driller was a henchmen and a safe cracker of The Boss in Batman: The Animated Series. He appeared in the BTAS episode,"P.O.V."


He and Scarface went to rob a safe at Gotham Imports with the other gangsters under The Boss's orders. They were successful at opening the safe and they fought Detective Bullock. A fire broke out during the fight and Driller and Scarface escaped Bullock. The Driller and Scarface encountered Officer Montoya on the way out and the Driller managed to disarm by throwing a bag of cash at her. The Driller was about to close on Montoya but Batman showed up and fought him. When Batman was hit by a falling debris he and Scarface brought to their hideout at Hathcock Shipping Company.

When Driller waited for The Boss to show up, Batman escaped his shackles and fought the Driller and the Driller fell in the water. He got out and tried to ram Batman with a forklift but it failed and the Driller was thrown off and arrested.

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