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The DrillZord (D-10) is a MegaZord Alpha, with the properties of the DrillRoid, namely the drill arm. The MegaZord's arrival baffled the Go-Busters, as although the countdown for its arrival had ended, it was nowhere to be found. Red Buster deduced that since it can appear anywhere 3 km away from Drilloid, then it could only be underground. DrillZord began attacking from beneath the ground, and it became necessary to use Go-BusterOh to use its Dimensional Crush attack, which could hit DrillZord even below ground, without damaging the city with it.

Later on, it was revealed that this Zord had a BugZord jettison pod, which was blown out of the MegaZord's destruction.


  • Height: 50.5 m
  • Weight: 1470 t


  • This is the first MegaZord to not actually be shown on screen until it's destruction.

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