I don't make promises. I make "threats" and keep them.
~ Drex

Commander Drex, or better known as Drex, is the main antagonist of the 2013 live-action movie Super Buddies. He is a shape-shifting alien that wants the power rings for his own evil purposes. He was voiced by John Michael Higgins.

In Super Buddies

While Bartelby was reading Budderball a comic, it was heard that Drex sought to go after the rings by any means possible. The rings were hidden by Megasis for safety, but got lost somewhere in Earth. Years passed and the events turned out to be real as Drex and Monk-E landed on earth near a farm. He shape-shifted into a pig, thinking that was what humans look like. While Drex can shape-shift, he will always remain green no matter what body he turns into. After being seen by Bartelby's grandfather, Drex took his truck and drove recklessly around Fernfield. He destroyed a drive-thru window with green electricity at Galazy Burger thinking that it was another alien.

Later, he learns that the buddies had the rings, but later captured by Sheriff Dan and got locked up in jail. He shape-shifts into Sheriff Dan, thus switching bodies as well. At the farm, he demanded for the rings from the kids or that they would die. After getting the rings, Drex tells everyone that he made a meteor come hurling towards earth for a devastating impact. During the final battle, he severely elecricuted Megasis/Captain Canine, but the buddies worked together by using their superpowers against him. Afterwards, Drex turned back into his real body and boarded his ship to get out of earth. He eventually finds out that the rings the kids gave him were fake and this made him crash into the meteor and died afterwards.


  • He is the first villain to be entirely animated, not counting Ubasti.
  • He shares a similarity to Emeraude from Tales of Graces F and Evanora the Wicked Witch of the East from Oz The Great and Powerful; they each had the ability to shoot green electricity out of their hands. Although, Evenora's was only possible due to her necklace.
  • He was inspired by Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars.