Drew is a minor villain in the Walking Dead video game as one of the Save-lot Bandits.

In the episode "Long Rode Ahead" he joins the other bandits in the invasion on the Motor Inn. However after his leader is killed, Carley kills the other bandits Linda and Gary. Drew then climbs the wall and Lee (the player) has the option to shoot him in his but or let him get away. Either way he survives and signals dozens of other bandits from the forest to attack the Motor Inn. However if Doug is saved instead of Carley then he will only kill Linda and Lee has the option to kill him or Gary. If Lee chooses to kill Gary then Drew will still hop the fence and call for the other bandits. If Drew isn't killed he participates in the gunfight against the walkers and the motel survivors as the survivors escape in the RV the walkers overrun and kill some of the bandits ,it's unknown what happened to Drew and the rest of the still alive bandits it's likely they were either killed by the walkers or they escaped into the woods.


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