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Where's your ogrelord now, laddeh?
~ Drek taunting a kid

Drek is the secondary antagonist in the 4chan meme "Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life". He is Shrek's second arch-enemy and is always trying to kill him and his brogres.

According to, he was created by Lord Farquaad to trick faithful Brogres into loving him and to create an ogre to rival Shrek's power.

Drek's first appearance

The first story Drek appeared in was a story about a kid and his friends going to find Shrek's swamp. On the brave quest, the fat kid eats the onions they packed to substane and gets left behind by his friends. The kids find Shrek's swamp but hear the fat kid screaming in the back (it's implied that Drek killed him). They see a figure that looks like Shrek. One of the kids, crying tears of joy, hugs "Shrek". "Shrek" embraces the boy only to rip his head off. He drinks the boy's blood and rushes towards the other kid "like somekind of goddamn swamp panther." After killing the kid, "Shrek" looks at the main kid. The main kid sees his blue skin and soils himself.

He finds out it's not Shrek; It's Drek. He say "Where's your orgelord now, laddeh?". He tries to kill the last kid, even when he begs for his life. However, a mighty roar is heard as Shrek appears and dropkicks Drek in the throat. Drek fights back by throwing an onionade at the kid. Shrek protects the kid and takes the blast. Shrek wipes blood of his mouth and says "Yer goin' the right way for a smacked bottom, Drek." They have a long and epic battle that ends in Shrek blasting a "Shrekahameaha" at Drek that knocks the kid out. The kid wakes up naked and see's Drek's head nailed on a tree.

Drek also constantly appears in more stories, and is almost always killed by Shrek at the end.




  • Ironically, Drek happens to look exactly like Shrek, only he is blue instead of green.
  • Drek sometimes speaks in a manner similar to the Hulk.
  • Drek in Slovene, Yiddish and other languages, translates into the swear word "shit".