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You're too late, Skyruiner! I've already learnt the secrets of Traptanium from these scientists dreams. But this whole hero thing is getting really tiresome so I think it's time I finally put an end to it.
~ Dreamcatcher at Telescope Towers
Dreamcatcher is a member of the Doom Raiders and is a trappable villain in Skylanders: Trap Team. She is of the Air element and therefore an Air element trap is required to trap her.



Cloudcracker is not the first prison from which Dreamcatcher has escaped. She had actually escaped from Lucid Lockdown within the Realm of Dreams – before escaping from the dream realm itself! Not only can she read your mind while you're sleeping but she can bring your worst nightmares to life. Using her mischievous powers of dream-stealing, she has driven entire villages to the point of madness – all for the sheer thrill of it. Her playfully evil nature is what got her noticed by the Golden Queen, who needed a good psychic for her evil schemes… and also for relationship advice. Loving both cunning plans and gossip, Dreamcatcher was happy to oblige and promptly joined the Doom Raiders. Although due to her aforementioned mischievous nature, the Golden Queen has found the relationship advice questionable.


Dreamcatcher takes the appearance of a giant floating head. She has sky blue skin and dark blue hair with a pink polka dot ribbon. In her evolved form, she has red hair and wears a yellow ribbon with green stars.


She speaks like a stereotypical teenage girl.

Powers and Abilities

Dreamcatcher has the power to create tornadoes. She can also summon mechanical claws to help steal dreams from her victims.


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