What shall we call me? Well, if you're the Time Lord, let's call me the Dream Lord.
~ The Dream Lord identifies himself to the Doctor.
Tweet tweet time to sleep... Or are you waking up?
~ The Dream Lord taunting The Doctor, Amy and Rory.

The Dream Lord is a villain in the TV series Doctor Who, appearing in the episode "Amy's Choice" as the main antagonist. He was an enemy of the Eleventh Doctor whom he confronted him in deep space onboard the TARDIS.

He was portrayed by Toby Jones who also played Dr. Arnim Zola in Captain America: The First Avenger and Julie in Your Highness.


The TARDIS has come to a complete standstill, whereupon the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory all attempt to fix it, and suddenly the Dream Lord steps out of the shadows. He reveals his identity and explains what has happened: there are two different realities, and in each one danger awaits. The Doctor and his allies must find the correct reality otherwise they will never be free. The Dream Lord is toying with the Doctor because he knows the Doctor is insecure and imperfect and wants to challenge Amy and Rory's faith in the Doctor. The Dream Lord then vanishes as mysteriously as he had come.

The Doctor and his companions awake in a reality in 2012 in Ledworth, Amy's village, where she and Rory are with child, and the Doctor has visited them. They all believe this to be the real reality, but the Doctor isn't so sure. Soon enough, trouble manifests when aliens possess the bodies of all the old folk in the town and kill various citizens. The aliens then chase Rory and Amy. The Doctor, pursued by the aliens, runs into the butchers' and the Dream Lord mockingly insults his? fears and insecurities. One of the aliens manages to kill Rory. Amy, now sure this is the fake reality, smashes her car against the wall of her house, forcing her and the Doctor back into the TARDIS.

The Dreamlord taunts - Doctor Who - BBC

The Dreamlord taunts - Doctor Who - BBC

The Dream Lord awakens the Doctor, Amy and a living Rory and reveals that the village world was fake and also, the world they're currently in is fake too. He says he was toying with them and clicks his fingers to send them back into the real world, where no disaster is present. The Doctor realizes that the Dream Lord is in fact a representation of all the evil feelings he has bottled inside him - namely, a dark version of himself, let loose by pyschic pollen. He destroys the TARDIS thus killing him, Amy and Rory in the dream world and enabling them to escape to the real world. He then tells them who the Dream Lord was. The Doctor then sees the Dream Lord's mocking face in his console, showing he is not gone and may return in the future.