Foooolish child. Yooou dare answer me back? Do yooou think yourself some kind of hero already? There is no place in Swinedimples for such extraordinary impudence! Idiot boy!
~ Sir Sternivus Swinedimples, "The Dreadmaster"
The Dreadmaster is a boss from Dragon Quest IX. When the ghost of the principal of Swinedimples Institute, Sir Sternivus Swinedimples, swallowed a Fygg that a young college girl left him in his grave as an offering; he turned into a dreadful monster known as The Dreadmaster. He represents Sternivus' drastic desire for discipline in his academy. He kidnapped students that stayed out of their rooms at night and forced them to endure an eternal harsh lecture with him at the Old School, hidden beneath the main one.

The staff of Swinedimples hire a detective to investigate the disappearances when the Hero arrives at the place, investigating the case while pretending to be the detective. With the help of three students, he witnesses one of the kidnappings, finding the passage to the old school, where he finds the missing students and confronts the Dreadmaster. Upon returning to his senses, Sternivus admits he's been a bit too harsh and dispels the curse he placed on the students, allowing them to return to the school and leaving the Fygg behind.

During the game's credits Sternivus's spirit is shown watching over the Swinedimples Academy.

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