Dread the Evil Genie is the main antagonist of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates episode of the same name. He is an evil genie who can drain other genies of their magic so he can power his own. He is voiced by Scottish actor David Tennant who is known for playing The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Dread reveals himself to Jake and his crew when they were walking through Shipwreck Beach and believed them to be genies as he sensed magic of another genie somewhere on Never Land. The group tell him that they are not genies, but know one named Pip. Dread claims that he is a friend of Pip's and has been searching all of Never Land for him.

Jake and the crew summon Pip to reunite the two, but Pip reveals that Dread is not a friend but a power hungry fiend that consumes other genies magic leaving nothing left. Dread attempts to drain Pip of his magic powers, but thanks to Jake and the crew, they manage to escape Dread.

Dread later resurfaces during Captain Hook and his crew's treasure hunt much to the surprise of Hook and his crew who overhear Dread claim to give a king's ransom to get his hands on Pip's power. Hook reveals himself to Dread offers to join forces with him by capturing Jake and his crew, giving Dread a chance to absorb Pip's magic, if Dread rewards Hook with riches to which Dread agrees. Jake and the crew hide within Stinkpot Swamp to evade Dread's detection.

After Hook confines Jake and his crew within a net, he demands Dread keeps his word about the treasure which Dread awards. He awards Hook an island of treasure, giving Dread a chance to drain Pip of his magic. He then boasts about his new powers and abilities he'll possess when he is finished with Pip. Using his last bit of magic, Pip attempts to fly away, but in the process summons a large swarm of flies that swarm over Dread.

Seeing his chance, Pip attempts to retrieve Dread's bottle which he battles Dread over. Pip soon gets the upper hand and gains his magic back and forces Dread back into his bottle before throwing it into the Never Land Desert, hoping no one will ever see Dread again. Unknown to the others, Dread swears he will be freed once more as his bottle begins to crack as he cackles.