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Teen Wolf Season05 Episode 1 creatures of the night the doctors

Dread Doctors

The Dread Doctors are scientists and the main antagonists in season 5 of the MTV series Teen Wolf.

Under the mask, they are played by Marti Matulis (Surgeon), Douglas Tait (Pathologist), and Caitlin Dechelle (Geneticist).


While not much is yet to be known about these three there are only known by their titles, the surgeon, the pathologist, and the geneticist. The doctors appear to be slightly out of phase with reality as their bodies blur constantly. They are also known for their experiments with hybrid creatures.

The Surgeon

The Surgeon1


The Surgeon seems to be the "leader" of the Dread Doctors. He speaks the most and is the one who killed their first experiment seen on screen and injected a girl named Tracy Stewart. As the leader of the crew, he is the de-facto main antagonist of season five.

The Pathologist

The Pathologist1

The Pathologist

In general, a pathologist is a doctor who study the cause and development of disease. Most choose a specialty such as genetics or forensic pathology.

The Geneticist

The Geneticist1

The Geneticist

As the name implies, a geneticist is a biologist who studies genetics, the science of genes, heredity, and variation of living organisms.

Season 5

The Doctors come to Beacon Hills to pursue their goal of resurrecting the Beast, using teenagers from the town as surrogates to recreate the werewolf. However, most of their experiments were deemed failures, wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills as scientifically-created supernatural creatures called Chimeras. Their efforts have been hampered by the presence of Scott McCall's pack which has tried its best to find and stop the Doctors before they can kill too many of their fellow students from Beacon Hills High School. Eventually, the pack gains a lead whenSheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall discover that all Chimeras were already genetic Chimeras before the Doctors started experimenting on them (i.e. they possessed two sets of DNA, one their own, the other coming from a donor for a medical purpose). However, most of the Chimeras were killed by the Doctors themselves once they were deemed failures.

The Doctors' patience eventually paid off when they succeeded in recreating the Beast, which they have unleashed upon Beacon Hills. As the Beast has been rampaging Beacon Hills at nights, the Doctors have tried to keep its presence as secret as possible by hiding the bodies of its victims, until Chris and Gerard Argent discovered them.

Only a few places in the world are safe from the Doctors such as Eichen House because of the high concentration of telluric currents on the site. These currents disrupt the electromagnetic pulses from which the Doctors draw their power.

Eventually, the Doctors succeeded in their goal of recreating the Beast, but as the cost of their own lives.

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