Drazi, commonly referred to as the "Demon of Hate", was a demon who spread hate throughout cities and groups of people. He could be considered the demonic opposite of a Cupid also he aquired most of their powers through their ring. His goal was to spread so much hate around the world that humans would be incapable of loving. Contents [show] 1 History 1.1 In Love with a Mortal Woman1.2 Taking Revenge on Cupid1.3 Encounter with the Charmed Ones1.4 Splitting up the Charmed Ones1.5 Death 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Book of Shadows 4 Gallery 5 Notes and Trivia 6 Notes and References

HistoryEditIn Love with a Mortal WomanEdit Drazi had fallen in love with a mortal woman. The pair loved each other very much until a Cupid redirected the mortal woman's love to a mortal man. Ever since that day, Drazi has been seeking revenge on that Cupid. Taking Revenge on CupidEdit A few years later, Drazi found Cupid in San Francisco. He attacked the Cupid in an abandoned alley and reached into his chest for his heart. Hurting Cupid by squeezing his heart, Drazi took off Cupids ring. Drazi swore he would undo all what Cupid had done, thus breaking up all couples Cupid had brought together. Drazi left Cupid, weakened and powerless, in the alley on his way to undo all what Cupid had done and spread hate. Encounter with the Charmed OnesEdit During the first encounter with the Charmed Ones, Drazi had been vanquished after a short battle with Prue Halliwell. However, Drazi was still wearing the ring he stole from Cupid which saved him. Splitting up the Charmed OnesEdit During the time in which he had Cupid's ring, Drazi was able to split up Piper and Dan, as well as Prue and Jack. He did so by working on their doubts and fears about each other as well as their relationship. He made Dan believe that Piper still loved Leo[1], and made Jack believe that he was just a transition man for Prue, who still mourned Andy. By splitting up the couples, he also split up the Charmed Ones. Both Piper and Prue teamed up against their younger sister, Phoebe and Cupid, throwing them out of P3. DeathEdit Drazi melts as he is vanquished. Drazi was finally vanquished when he came to the manor to kill Cupid. He got a hold of Cupid, fought with him for a little while until Piper froze them. Not making the same mistake twice, Phoebe took of the ring and slipped it back onto Cupid's finger. Phoebe threw the potion on Drazi which immediately unfroze the two. Drazi melted like he did before, but this time the goo that used to be Drazi disappeared completely.