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Draupnir is the true villain and final boss of Trouble Witches.

A powerful demon who once terrorized Eihemland, Draupnir was finally imprisoned into a magical ring by Arlia Patowle, a powerful witch. Many years later the ring was stolen by Amalgam Caries, who wanted to use it to cure a curse she passed down onto her youngest son since birth. This allows Draupnir to possess Amalgam, who breaks the ring and give a piece to each of her daughters, who all also get possessed and start causing trouble over Eihemland.

The king of Eihemland puts a bounty on Amalgam and her daughters, and soon various witches take on the bounty, fighting Amalgam's daughters and Amalgam herself. After Amalgam's initial defeat, Draupnir reveals himself and materializes for the final battle, but he is ultimately defeated, ending once again imprisoned inside the ring.

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