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The Draugr are a major enemy faction in Secret World and are based on the Norse undead of the same name, although elements of Lovecraftian horror has also been added - monstrous entities that originate in the deep sea they are the masterminds behind the horrific wave of zombies in Kingsmouth and seek to completely wipe out living creatures so as to create new Draugr.

Basic Characteristics

Draugr are the bane of both the living and those that inhabit the land, being ancient Norse demons of the ocean depths that use the corpses of drowned sailors to create new Draugr in a process that mutates body and mind, resulting in horrific pods that will hatch into new Draugr.

Draugr control zombies and other undead, which they use as a means to spread further into the dry land and infect the living world like a foul cancer, the older Draugr are less human in appearance than young Draugr, with the Draugr Lords resembling horrific Lovecraftian monsters rather than traditional undead.


Draugr Impalers

Draugr Maulers

Draugr Lords

Unique Draugr

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