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By the way, our name is Drak, and we are the Arkn Lord of Humanities Self Consciousness, we exist within all of you, actually. Take that however you wish.
~ Drakulah to Alex Winter.

Drakulah, also known as LongNose, is an Arkn Lord that frequently appears in the Arkn Mythos Webseries, A Cry From Winter.

Drakulah is The Arkn Lord of Self Consciousness.



Drakulah is an Arkn Lord that has pertained attachments to every human, they were a guardian to Alex Winter that had been suppressed by Dr. Ellis' medication.

A Cry From Winter

Drakulah had been seen several times prior to his introduction. Drakulah made themselves known to Alex Winter after he had overcome the suppression from the medication. They informed him that they were going to assist Alex in saving James before bending reality and sending him on a .Relapse.

Afterwards, Drakulah reappears to Alex and informs him that Karl is the only person that can help him.



  • Persophelus Redgrave has a deep hatred for Drakulah. This is likely because they are attached to every human within his system.

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