Drako (TMNT)
Drako is the name of two villains in the TMNT franchise.

In the 1987 series, Drako tried to capture Quarzx to obtain power for himself. After being convinced by Splinter, Quarz transported Drako to prison.

In the 2003 series, Drako was a fierce competitor selected to compete in the Battle Nexus. Drako fought against many competitors and fought against Splinter in the final round. When Splinter's foot was injured, Splinter refused to give up defeated Drako with one foot. Drako was angry about his loss and sent assassins to kill Splinter. Splinter and Miyamoto Usagi fought them untill the Daimyo came and pushed them away with his War Staff. Drako left the area and was not seen for many years.

Drako appeared in the Battle Nexus when the TMNT competed in the Battle Nexus. Drako was the concilor of the Ultimate Ninja to overthrow the Daimyo and get the War Staff. Drako tried to get the War Staff for himself but it opened a portal that sucked Drako and the Ultimate Ninja.