Word Paynn, also known as his alter-ego Drakkus, is the major antagonist of the Dragon Booster series.


Word, alongside his friend and rival Connor Penn, was apprentice and ally of Tannis, the chief of Gold Draconium branch of Order of Dragon Priests. Both he and Connor later developed into bitter enemies due to clashing philosophies: Word believes that dragons are better than mankind and rule over them, with himself as sole human who have power over the dragons. For that, he secretly experimented on various ancient forbidden gears and threatened Connor when the latter learned about it. Even so, Tannis and his fellow Dragon Priest learned Word's secrets and expelled him from the Order. Swearing revenge, Word dedicated his life to build his own empire and creating his versiom of Dragon Human War with resources he gained from company he formed, CEO of Paynn Incorporated.

At one point in the past, he found the Armor of Drakkus, 3000 years old ancient Black Draconium armor with powers comparable to Dragon Booster himself.


Word is the power hungry, arrogant, and vindictive man and dangerous advesary of Artha Penn (current Dragon Booster). He have low opinion about equality between mankind and dragons, and sought to conquer the world with an army of dragons. Even so, he is not devoid of good traits: His crueler rival, Armeggadon, pointed out that he loved his son Mordrydd and afraid of losing him during their battle. Not only that, during the conversation between him and Mordrydd, Word was shown feeling uneasy everytime his late wife, Zulay, mentioned.