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Drakath The Avatar and Champion of Chaos

is a major villain in the AdventureQuest universe, which includes many related Flash-based online games: his most prominent role is in AdventureQuest Worlds (a MMORPG).

Drakath is the Champion of Chaos and the main antagonist of Adventure Quest Worlds. He was the son of the former king, Slugwrath. In DragonFable it is said that he and Sepulchure had a deal that Drakath would receive the Necrotic Blade of Doom to get his kingdom back. In exchange for the Doom weapon, Sepulchure wanted the white and black dragon boxes. Because Drakath couldn't get both boxes, (thanks to the hero from DragonFable), he didn't get the sword (Until he used it to stab Sepulchure). He seems to have acquired chaos powers, and seeks to end all good and evil and bring about an age of chaos.

In AdventureQuest Worlds, he appears to the shock of everyone as he fatally wounds Alteon, destroys Sepulchure and sends his castle crashing, beginning the war on Chaos. He has masterminded the creation of his Chaos Lords, the release of the Chaos Beasts and seeks to unleash his partner, the Mother of all Monsters, onto the world.

To free MoM, all the Chaos Lords have to be defeated.

The Chaos Finale


Mount Doomskull

Prime drakath by darkkomet-d7x21zo

Prime Drakath

After the 12 Chaos Lords are defeated, the Hero heads to Mount Doomskull to defeat Drakath before unleashing the 13th Chaos Lord. Eventually, after fighting countless monsters, they reach the top of Mountain where they start a fight against Drakath. However, before the fight begins, Drakath promises that whoever the winner will be, he will reveal the identity of his 13th Chaos Lord. The battle starts fiercely then ends with Drakath winning. He then prepares to kill the Hero, when they reminds him about his promise. Drakath then laughs and shockingly chooses the Hero as his 13th Chaos Lord, turning them into the final Lord Of Chaos with 4 forms to choose from.

However, after revealing the 13th Chaos Lord's true identity, Drakath killed the Hero similar on how he did to Sepulchure, the hero was sent to Death's realm. Later, the Hero defeated Death, becoming the new Death. So the Hero returned to Lore to put an end to Drakath. After a very long fight, Drakath had to turn into a Prime Chaos Champion to end the fight, but instead of fighting, he entered the Chaos Lord portal to free the Mother of all Monsters. Also entering this portal, the hero managed their way to Drakath. This time, the hero won. Since all the Chaos Lords and the Champion of Chaos were defeated, The Queen of Monsters broke free, sucking up Drakath's power.




  • Like Megatron both are betrayed by a servant who finds them incompetent and doubting their leadership skills Starscream to Megatron and Ledgermayne to Drakath.
  • He and Palpatine are both Antagonists who corrupt protagonists of their setting to their sides(The Hero to Drakath and Darth Vader to Palpatine) and eventually both The Hero and Darth Vader plan on betraying them for greater power as well as trying to gain their ranks(Champion of Chaos for The Hero and Galactic Emperor for Darth Vader).
  • Drakath from Adventure Quest Worlds is almost similar to Luca Blight in Suikoden 2 which closely resembles him.
  • When the player finally completes the Chaos Saga, they can obtain the currently hardest in-game armor, Drakath's armor.
  • Drakath was claimed by the Queen of Monsters to be her son in the ending of AdventureQuest Worlds 1st main saga.

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