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Drakath The Avatar and Champion of Chaos

is a major villain in the AdventureQuest universe, which includes many related Flash-based online games: his first appearance was in the game Adventure Quest. However During that game, he was simply a black dragon, and had no story whatsoever, so both are mostly considered different characters. It was only in the game DragonFable that Drakath was actually "born", as he was the main antagonis during the game's prologue, and a minor villain during the Orb Saga. His most prominent role is in AdventureQuest Worlds (a MMORPG) in wich he is the main vilain of the 13 Lords of Chaos saga, and will also return (probably as an anti-hero) on the Queen of Monsters saga.

Drakath is the Champion of Chaos and the main antagonist of Adventure Quest Worlds. He was the son of the former king, Slugwrath. After King Alteon, the Good defeated his father, Drakath became the leader of a group of thugs, and his major goal was to overthrow King Alteon, and take his throne back, eventually even fighting against one of the king's daughters, Princess Victoria.

At some point in time, Drakath met the evil doomknight known as Sepulchure (who was once friend of the king), and started working for him. Sepulchure promised Drakath that he would give him the Necrotic Blade of doom, if he could obtain two artifacts, known as the Black and the White Dragon Boxes.

During Orb Saga

During the first saga of dragonfable, the orb saga, Drakath had the intention to steal the Black and White Dragon Boxes from the hero, so Sepulchure would give him his Necrotic Blade of Doom. During the Dragon Egg Saga, Drakath keeps appearing and trying to fight the hero over the Black Dragon box, sometimes with his thugs, sometimes with other monsters. Drakath eventually fails, and could only obtain the White Dragon Box, wich resulted in Sepulchure not giving him the sword.

Drakath and his thugs

Drakath and his thugs

Drakath then returns, during the Wind Orb saga, once again fighting the hero over the orb. He once again fails and could not obtain it, and is defeated by the hero once again, and sent flying out of the location.

He also appears during Xan's invasion of Falconreach, helping the evil Pyromancer in his goals. Once again, he fails in his plan.

Drakath returns in the Orb Saga Finale, helping Sepulchure obtaining the orbs. However, during this war, it is able to notice that Drakath seems to be acting strange in some way. After Sepulchure obtains the eight orbs, and is about to use them to conquer the world, Drakath stabs him in the back, then takes the power of the orbs for himself, and calls Fluffy, the undead dragon, making both merge, and become Dragon Drakath.

Drakath stabbing Sepulchure

Drakath stabbing Sepulchure

After this, the Hero and Sepulchure decide to team up and destroy Drakath once and for all. However, after doing so, the Mysterious Stranger appears, and explains that everything was planned, and now he could merge with the body of Dragon Drakath and become the Ultimate Darkness Dragon, after the Mysterious Stranger obtains his new form, he attacks Sepulchure, revealing him to be only a puppet, and leaving the player to run away.

Eventually, the Ultimate Darkness Dragon is is also defeated, but Drakath isn't dead yet, as shown in a cutscene during the epilogue of Orb Saga, in wich Drakath wakes up with a purple eye floating above his head, foreshadowing the 13 Lords Of Chaos Saga.

Dragon Drakath

Dragon Drakath

During Adventure Quest Worlds Prologue

After the Player enters the throne room of king Alteon, and witnesses his fight with Sepulchure, a dark figure emerges into the sky, and after a flash it charges towards the castle of Swordhaven. When he finally arrives, it is revealed to be no other than Drakath, who misteriously survived, surprising everyone. After that he attacks both King Alteon, and Emperor Sepulchure, destroying the latter, and wounding Alteon. He then throws an energy blast at Sepulchure's flying fortress, making it crash in the region of Skullhome. He then does a quick monologue about his plans saying that "The battle between good and evil is over, now begins the age of chaos!" and flying into the sky again, as the title displays on the screen : Adventure Quest Worlds - The 13 Lords of Chaos.

Drakath with Sepulchure and Alteon

Drakath with Sepulchure and Alteon

First Lord of Chaos

The 13 Lords of Chaos saga starts by the Chiral Valley saga. The main character goes to a village called Mobius, that has been completely twisted and modified. After doing some quests for Renn ( in case the player chose good protagonist), or Zio (evil protagonist), The player goes to the house of two villagers, called Otto and Anna, who then proceed to explain what happend to the village. It turns out it was in fact twisted by the First Lord of Chaos, Escherion, who was looking for a mystical artifact called the Runix Cube (reference to Rubik's Cube) wich, according to him was the only thing that could stop his plans in that region. Otto and Anna give the player the first part of the cube, and tell where the others are.

The player then goes to the Faerie Forest, looking for the next part, wich he obtains after completing some quests, and proceeding to the Cornelis Ruins, looking for the next part of the cube, wich he eventually finds, after completing some more quests


Escherion, the First Lord of Chaos

After finding all parts of the cube, the player returns to Mobius, to build the Runix cube, through a minigame. After this the player has to invade Escherion's inverted tower, and use the cube to destroy him. However once the player arrives, he finds out that the only thing that could stop Escherion's plans for that region was if he did not find the cube. After a short dialogue, Escherion throws the player out of his tower, and summons the Lake Hydra from the lake.

Aftter the player defeats the hydra, the tower falls on the lake, and the player must now fight Escherion himself, in order to save the region.

During the fight, Escherion's staff of inversion will be floating close to him, the player must defeat the staff before fighting Escherion himself, otherwise, any damage caused to Escherion will be reduced to 0.

After defeating him,Escherion tries a desperate attempt to defeat the hero, but ends up reversing his own powers, and accidentaly transforming himself into a frog. A the closing scene of Escherion's saga, Drakath appears, saying that Escherion may have been defeated, however the next Chaos Lord had already been chosen, and starts laughing maniacally.

Sencond Ladies of Chaos - Part one.

Drakath is sitting on his throne room, thinking about what he should do next, when the twins, Xing (embodiment of evil) and Xang (embodiment of good) appear, and try to give him advice on what to do next. Drakath, of course, dislikes Xang's advice, so he creates a portal to the Mirror Realm, and swaps place between both Xangs, having now 2 evil twins.


Drakath, and the Chaos Twins.

After this, he once again asks them for advice on what should he do next. Xing says that he should throw a meteor at the city of Battleon, however Xang says that he should actually throw 2 meteors at the city. Drakath does this, wich causes great panic through the townspeople, but is quickly resolved as a group of wizards, commanded by Warlic, teleport the city to the Greenguard Forest.

Drakath then decides to keep the twins around, so they will also give advice to his chaoslords.

Third Lord of Chaos


Vath, the Third Lord of Chaos

The player arrives at a region known as Dwarfhold, wich is being terrorized by the Third Lord of Chaos, Vath and his dragon, Stalagbite. Under the command of Drakath, Vath attacked Dwarfhold, and enslaved the dwarves, after this he is using the dwarves to create weapons for Drakath's army, and also is using them to find chaos gemralds, wich are required to unleash his chaos beast, the Rock Roc.

The hero tries to sneak into Vath's fortress, however he is captured in a trap, and is revealed that Snowbeard, one of the dwarves the hero was trying to help, warned Vath of his arrival. The hero is then put on a cage, but Joxlol, a drow that wasn't loyal to Vath, gave him back his items, and told him to look for a dwarf called Mick Guyver. After this the hero and the dwarves escaped Vath's prision, as the dwarves start a war against the drows.

The hero proceeds to steal Vath's chaotic dragon amulet, and use it to control Stalagbite. Both then start fighting the Rock Roc, until Vath finds out, and uses his Sword of Dragon Control to take Stalagbite back. The player then fights Rock Roc, and defeats it. Drakath is seen commenting on how easily the hero defeated the Rock Roc, and how Vath would be the next to fall. Meanwhile, the hero challenges Vath to a fight.

After Vath flies to the top of a mountain, the hero arrives, and after catching his breath, the hero comments on how unfair Vath was being by "Bringing a dragon to a swordfight". Vath says that Stalagbit was just a weapon for him, that he enslaved just like the dwarves. The hero then says that the dwarves were already free, and were defeating the drows. Vath doesn't belive at first, but after he sees his army being defeated he just says that the hero is their beacon of hope, and that he will throw the player's body from the mountain to see how the dwarves react.

Durin the fight with Vath, the player should always defeat Stalagbite first, or the dragon's damage will increase drastically, being able to kill the player with one hit. After defeating the dragon, Vath's defense will also be a lot bigger, so this fight can take a while, however after the player defeats Vath he will receiva a cutscene in wich Vath drops his sword, and tries to use Stalagbite as his last moment weapon. The hero, forseeing this, takes Vath's sword and throws it at Vath's amulet, destroying both, and ending the chaotic dragonlord's control over Stalagbite. After a brief dialogue, Stalagbite carries Vath away, to an unknown destiation.

The Chaos Finale


Mount Doomskull

Prime drakath by darkkomet-d7x21zo

Prime Drakath

After the 12 Chaos Lords are defeated, the Hero heads to Mount Doomskull to defeat Drakath before unleashing the 13th Chaos Lord. Eventually, after fighting countless monsters, they reach the top of Mountain where they start a fight against Drakath. However, before the fight begins, Drakath promises that whoever the winner will be, he will reveal the identity of his 13th Chaos Lord. The battle starts fiercely then ends with Drakath winning. He then prepares to kill the Hero, when they reminds him about his promise. Drakath then laughs and shockingly chooses the Hero as his 13th Chaos Lord, turning them into the final Lord Of Chaos with 4 forms to choose from.

However, after revealing the 13th Chaos Lord's true identity, Drakath killed the Hero similar on how he did to Sepulchure, the hero was sent to Death's realm. Later, the Hero defeated Death, becoming the new Death. So the Hero returned to Lore to put an end to Drakath. After a very long fight, Drakath had to turn into a Prime Chaos Champion to end the fight, but instead of fighting, he entered the Chaos Lord portal to free the Mother of all Monsters. Also entering this portal, the hero managed their way to Drakath. This time, the hero won. Since all the Chaos Lords and the Champion of Chaos were defeated, The Queen of Monsters broke free, sucking up Drakath's power.




  • Like Megatron both are betrayed by a servant who finds them incompetent and doubting their leadership skills Starscream to Megatron and Ledgermayne to Drakath.
  • He and Palpatine are both Antagonists who corrupt protagonists of their setting to their sides(The Hero to Drakath and Darth Vader to Palpatine) and eventually both The Hero and Darth Vader plan on betraying them for greater power as well as trying to gain their ranks(Champion of Chaos for The Hero and Galactic Emperor for Darth Vader).
  • Drakath from Adventure Quest Worlds is almost similar to Luca Blight in Suikoden 2 which closely resembles him.
  • When the player finally completes the Chaos Saga, they can obtain the currently hardest in-game armor, Drakath's armor.
  • Drakath was claimed by the Queen of Monsters to be her son in the ending of AdventureQuest Worlds 1st main saga.

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