The Dragoon is a high-ranking Nobody controlled by Xaldin that is found in Kingdom Hearts II.


Dragoons are one of the most powerful Nobodies. When they appear, they drop directly to the ground, causing damage. Jump to avoid the shockwave attack, and then lead up with a combo. They use the jump attack constantly, and it can make fighting difficult. Sora can use the Learn Reaction Command, followed by Jump to eliminate them more easily. The Jump ability also becomes extremely useful when fighting their master, Xaldin. In The World That Never Was, where they appear at high levels, they can be eliminated with Eternal Session.


A Dragoon is a thin, dragon-like creature with silver and purple skin. Its hands only have two distinct digits, while its feet have three long, purple toes each. It also has a thin, purple tail and sharp, white wings with purple tips lined by spikes resembling those on the Nobody symbol. The Dragoon's real "face" seems to be a small, black area in what seems to be its neck, while its draconian "head" acts as something of a helmet. This "helmet" sports a jagged, open mouth at its end, lacks eyes, and is lined by thin spikes. The Dragoon's upper body and "neck" are covered in magenta straps. There is also a white Nobody sigil on its left thigh. Like all lesser Nobodies, Dragoon's have astounding levels of flexibility. It wields a long Nobody Lance as a weapon.