Dragons are powerful winged dinosaur-like reptiles which can breathe fire, ice, poison or lighthing bolts depending what kind they are. They are the game's most powerful enemies and are very hard to kill. There are four kinds of dragons.

Fire Dragons

These dragons are green in coloration. They all are inmune against fire-based magic attacks and are the first dragon fought by the players.

  • Firedrake
  • Fire Dragon
  • Green Dragon

Ice Dragons

Ice Dragons breathe a freezing cold stream of ice from their mouths. They are inmune against ice-based magic and are blue in coloration.

  • Icedrake
  • Ice Dragon
  • Frost Dragon

Poison Dragons

Poison Dragons are pink in coloration and breathe a stream of poisonous gas. They are not inmune to any kind of magic.

  • Venomdrake
  • Venomous Dragon

Thunder Dragons

Thunder dragons are the biggest and strongest kind of dragon. They breathe lighthing and electricity and are inmune to electric magic. They are purple.

  • Thunderdrake
  • Thunder Dragon