-"Let us bring terror to the smaller races!"

The Dragonkin are a powerful race of dragon humanoids in the MMORPG RuneScape. The Dragonkin are the creators of the Dragons and inventors of powerful weapons and armour made from Dragon metal. They are the guardians of an ancient artifact known as the Stone of Jas.

As seen in the quest "Ritual of the Mahjaart", they can easily scorch a person with a single attack, literally reducing her to ashes. They have also defeated Lucien , a Mahjarrat with the power of the Stone of Jas and the Staff of Armadyl.

Despite their extreme power, at least three only are known to be still living in the world of Gielenor (The land that walk on in RuneScape). The Dragonkin are also sterile and fearful of death, attempting to clone themselve resulting into the creation of Dragons. Many of them were wiped out during a supernatural war known as the God Wars and were subsequently hunted down by Robert the Strong.

It is also seen that after the quest that the dragonkin destroy an entire town by themself, leaving only burn marks, and terrifed people.


Sithaph, one of the 3 remaning Dragonkin.

180px-Dragonkin symbol

The symbol of the mighty beasts.


The supernatural dragonbreath of the incredible dragonkin.