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Dragoncat is a DC comics supervillain and an enemy of Robin, he is part of the popular "evil ninja" archetype found in innumerable media and an employee of Cluemaster.


Phil "Dragoncat" Parsons is a martial artist. He ran successful gyms giving self defence classes, but he also set up a summer camp to recruit talented teens to join his gang of thieves. Tim Drake (Robin) enrolled in one of these camps, as Alvin Draper, in order to take it down.

Powers / Abilities

Dragoncat is a highly skilled martial artist and thief. He is an expert in Jujitsu and skilled in the use of hand-to-hand weapons.

Weapons: Dragoncat carries two samurai sword.


the method of training teens into becoming criminals is similar to the tactics used by the Foot Clan in the original Teenage Mutant Turtle movie.

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