Dragon Lady is a supervillain from the Extinctioners universe and one of the Hunters, an elite group of humans loyal to the Invasion Force and thus major antagonists within the series as a whole, she made her first appearance in issue 11.

Dragon Lady tends to be paired with the Tracker known as Spitfire and despite them being different species it is hinted that they share a romantic bond - other than this Dragon Lady is a trained humanimal trainer who has a mastery of poisons and firearms as well as advanced technology as part of the invading force.

Her main goal, like all Hunters, is to prepare Alden for the "return" of humanity - by kidnap, torture and murder if necessary.

Due to the efforts of Dr. Burden she has been mutated alongside all other Hunters, allowing her to survive Alden but having the side-effect of granting her an anthropomorphic guise.