A former member of the mysterious Japanese Dragon Society, the man known only as the Dragon King had great political aspirations during the early days of the second World War - to become third in command in imperial Japan, after the Premier and the Emperor himself.


To this end, the Dragon King employed his vast scientific knowledge and the apparent mystical powers at his command to create - with the aid of the legendary spear of destiny and holy grail - a supernatural energy field around all of Axis held Europe and Asia. This energy field had a remarkable effect on anyone with magic-susceptible super powers, turning the greatest, most dedicated foes of the Japanese Empire into its most deadly unstoppable warriors whenever they passed within the energy field's sphere of influence.

This led the super powered members of the All-Star Squadron into mortal combat with the Squadron's non-super heroes when the All-Stars attempted to invade Japan after their infamous sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. Realizing they could not invade enemy territory without involuntarily serving the Axis cause, the All Stars were forced to retreat out of range of the energy field's influence, but not before forcing the Dragon King to beat a hasty retreat as well. The Dragon King went into hiding and began to experiment on himself, combining the DNA of himself and a lizard. He eventually succeeded in making himself a human-hybrid. It was believed that he died by the sword of Sir Justin, the Shining Knight, when he killed Danete Reilly, the second Firebrand. He would later show up in Blue Valley, Nebraska with a daughter named calling herself Shiv. He would come into conflict with Courtney Whitmore, the new Star-Spangled Kid, S.T.R.I.P.E., and the Shining Knight, Sir Justin. Dragon King did imply he killed Firebrand. He died during the battle, though the body was never located. He would show up again in possession of The Spear of Destiny and would be defeated by the JSA.

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