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Dragon Face

Dragon Face was the acting leader of the Purple Dragons after his predecessor was killed at the hands of Oroku Saki.


He first appeared in the TMNT 2003 series episode "Meet Casey Jones" where he lead a group of Purple Dragons to fight Casey and Raph but the other Turtles came and defeated Dragon Face and his men.

He led a group of Purple Dragons to rob a store and later fought with the TMNT and Casey after they left the store. Dragon Face was later seen as a member of the crowd watching the two Purple Dragon initiates (Leo and Raph) fight in the Purple Dragon cage match. He later finds out the Purple Dragon initiates are two of the Turtles but calls them "kung fu lizards." He later leads a Purple Dragon charge against Leo and Raph, but the other Turtles came and defeated Dragon Face and his men.

He later attempted to turn the Dragons against their leader, Hun. But Hun appears and leads the Purple Dragons to take over New York from the Mob and the Foot Clan. At the end of the war, Dragon Face turns on Hun and was never seen after that.

It's never revealed what Dragon Face's real name is.

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