You will find yourself face down... when you wake up.
~ Dragon Chan

Dragon Chan is a Hong Kong kickboxer who utilizes illegal striking and kicking techniques. He is a character in Super Punch-Out!!. In the SNES version, he not only kicks, but he also meditates to recover his stamina.

Dragon Chan makes his debut in the 1985 arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! as the second opponent. During the opening of the fight against him, oriental music is played before the announcer introduces Dragon Chan. He's a very special opponent as he's the only opponent that breaks the rules by kicking the player during a fight. He sometimes jumps to a corner, then another, and then does a swinging kick at his opponent's face, which knocks down his opponent with one-hit. To avoid this, players must use the duck button to duck and dodge Dragon Chan's kick.

In the 1994 SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, he wears dark blue instead of white. His swinging kick is slightly faster than before. He also regains strength through meditation. He has 2 types of punches: normal jabs and slap punches to the body. If you counter the slap punch with a jab to the face, he will be stunned. His coach refuses to speak in English, instead speaking in Chinese. Sometimes Dragon Chan throws three kicks at his opponent, which don't cause one-hit knock downs to his opponent like his swinging kick does. He is a palette swap of Heike Kagero.


  • His physical appearance is modeled after Bruce Lee, while his name is a reference to Jackie Chan.
  • Dragon Chan is the only fighter from the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! who has never appeared on the Wii version of Punch Out.
  • He and Heike Kagero are the only pallete swaps which do not share voices at all.