The Dragon Bolt

The Dragon Bolt

The Dragon Bolt is a giant electric dragon from the far off jungle and she was once a personal weapon of Brain Factory.


Knowing the Heroes will try stop the Brain Factory, they mysterious villain sent a Brain parasite to find a dangerous creature and bringing with the Brains Controlled Army and the creature as a "Electric Weapon of the Sky" for anyone stoping their invasion. It took a few Brains to take control of the dragon.

Arriving to the city, scaring off Heroes and searching for her target. Then, she infiltrated Hero Factory and digging a large hole for any Brain Parasites to remain hidden until the next invasion. It finds and tries to destroy Hero Daniel Rock, flying away from the upgraded Jet Rocka and later having the Brain Parasite remove from it's head and controlling. She eats the Brain Parasites as a sign of gratitude to Rocka.

At the end, she shown to be a gentle giant and Hero Factory plan on taking her back home.


It's species extremly strong, fast fliers, heavly armoured and able to breaking through the hardest or strongest material. Launching Electro-Plasma blast and producing electrical surge. Even, the tail is extreamly fast as an weapon.

Without the Brain parasites, they are gentle, curious and peaceful. When provoke, they will attack intruders from it's home.



  • The Dragon Bolt is based on a medieval dragon.
  • The first blue villain shown for the TV series.
  • The largest minon of Brain Factory, it's last creature to attack and infiltrate Hero Factory.
  • This is Hero Mark Surge's counterpart, both possesing electrical abilities.
  • Unlike the others, she never battles her Hero counterpart. Instead, battling and defeated by Rocka.