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Dragon is the villain in the cartoon series, Skunk Fu.

His second-in-command is Baboon.

Dragon and Baboon-1-

Dragon with his second-in-command, Baboon.


As the title sequence suggests, Dragon was once the proud protector of the valley. Eventually, however, he was punished by heaven for his arrogance, and banished to the mountains. For this, he blamed the other valley dwellers.

Goals and Ambitions

Dragon's main goal seems to be destroying the valley and all of its inhabitants.

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  • Dragon shares many similarities with Satan:
    • Both used to be in the good side.
    • Both are protectors (Dragon protects the valley while Satan guards God's throne who's as an angel named Lucifer).
    • Both became jealous and pride because they want to be greater.
    • Both were punished by heaven for their arrogance.
    • Both were cast out (Dragon to mountains and Satan to the earth).
    • Both turns into the dark side.
    • Both commands their own legions (Dragon commands his Monkey Ninjas while Satan (sometimes pictured as a dragon) commands his demons).

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