Dragon-like Alien

The Dragon-like Genus are hostile Genus lifeform that served as major antagonists in Ivan Reitman's 2001 film Evolution.



The dragon-like Genus are winged reptilianoid creatures with extraterrestrial origins. They are the results of the evolution of Genus organisms arrived on Earth inside a meteorite. The firsts of them was unable to breathe oxygen and die shortly after their births once escape from their original habitat that formed around the meteorite. Their corpses were later found by the protagonists in the desert upon hearing their breakout report.

Evolved Dragon-like Genus Breed's Rampage and Death

However, one of the dying alien assists to the birth of a newborn whom evolves sufficiently to breathe oxygen. Much to the protagonists' horor, the reptile flies away and goes into a shopping mall, where he causes panic. He attacks a customer, probably in order to devour him, but his prey manages to escape him. He later captures a woman in a dressing room and flies through the mall with her. However, the protagonists manage to attract him and rescue the woman, then shoot him. Severly injured, the monster falls in the ground and the protagonists kill him for good.

Posthumous and Evolution Nature Revealed

The dragon-like Genus' rampage later reveals the dangers of the evolved alien organism posed on Earth's native lifeform, which later confirmed once Blue Ape-like Genus shows up.


Like other Genus lifeforms that featured in film, Dragon-like Genus came from nitrogen-based extraterrestrial lifeform with capability to evolve faster than Earth's lifeforms as they can evolve into new, better species in a matter of hours or days, rather than millennia. How fast they evolve also depend on heat: The higher the temperature of their habitat, the faster they evolved. In dragon-like aliens' case, they evolved into reptilian lifeform where they can also considered as equivalent of dinosaurs. Even in appearance, Dragon-like aliens are greatly resembles theropod dinosaur albeit with leathery wings.

Dragon-like aliens are incredibly aggressive, as one of them, that evolved to breathe Earth's atmosphere, shown wreaking havoc in the mall when looking for prey. The reason why it didn't kill the woman in dressing straight away was likely because it looking a place to killed her without being disturbed at as it already causing uproar during the hunt. Though may instinctive in behavior, it's race considered as villains due to their evolution has alarmed humanity about their threat on Earth.