A version of Dracula in the animated movie "The Tomb of Dracula".

This article deals with Dracula as envisioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or rather the cartoon portions, specifically Avengers Assembled) - for information on the mainstream vampire in comics, see Dracula (Marvel).

Dracula is the "king" of vampires and although originally an ally of Captain America would return many years later as an enemy, unlike the comic book Dracula this version is a more "realistic" opponent in the sense his supernatural powers and weaknesses are attributed to exotic science rather than true magic (this is common in all media to do with Marvel's cinematic canon, at least for now, even Thor's "magic" is advanced science).

Neverthless even Tony Stark had difficulty combatting Dracula at the beginning as his science was far, far superior to even the Avenger's combined might - yet in the end he would fall (ironically) due to the blood of the Hulk, which had properties similar to sunlight (due to gamma-radiation).